I wanted to tell you thank you for the excellent care you've provided. I had my braces put on in May, three weeks after my wedding, and I have to admit they took a little getting used to. Your willingness to go above and beyond, along with your professionalism and plenty of laughter, has made my orthodontic treatment a very positive experience.

Courtney L.

Looking back at where I was before I began the Invisalign treatment, this has been the best decision I have made regarding my teeth. The staff and especially the doctors were amazing in answering my questions and providing a level of care that has far exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

Daniel L.

I have been coming to this practice for six years with my two children, and I have been treated as though I were a true VIP. Dr. Hull is wonderful, efficient and to the point. Dr. Coleman's consultation with my daughter was amazingly patient and thorough. I could not ask for two better doctors to care for my children!

Carmen G.

Drs. Hull & Coleman are great orthodontists! My son, James, started his braces in Wisconsin, but we noticed a huge improvement in his care when we moved to Charlotte and joined this practice 18 months ago. I would highly recommend Drs. Hull & Coleman to everyone, just as they were recommended to me by a friend.

Theresa Q.

Our daughter had a wonderful experience with the staff at Drs. Hull & Coleman. We elected to put braces on her teeth at an early age because they were very crooked and her self-esteem was low. She wore her braces for seven months, and it unbelievably changed her whole attitude, now she smiles all the time!

Kelly M.

I had a wonderful experience with Drs. Hull & Coleman and their staff. I have nothing but great things to share and I would recommend anyone in need of orthodontic assistance to this practice.

Robert V.

Thank you for the wonderful visit to your office today. I am quite impressed with your office! From the time I made the appointment, your staff made me feel welcome. I walked in the door, and the nice gals at the front desk introduced themselves to me, which I found so refreshing! Then Kelly was so terrific and made me feel right at home. I really appreciate the professionalism and the detailed explanation of my bite problem. I will no doubt refer anyone I meet to your office.

J. M.

I appreciate the hard work and dedication given to me by you and your staff. All are top notch! All my questions and concerns were answered with direct honesty and care. It's amazing, every time I come to the office I see kids and adults being treated. Thanks for my new smile! You guys are the best!

Chip B., Jr.

Choosing to undergo orthodontic treatment as an adult was the best decision I ever made. I was very self-conscious about my teeth before my treatment, but now I have a beautiful smile! Drs. Hull & Coleman and their staff were so encouraging throughout my treatment. On every visit, they explained what they were doing and what they were trying to accomplish. They praised my progress at every appointment and were unfailingly positive and fun! My only regret is that I didn't make this choice much sooner. Thanks a million!

Maria C.

Wow! I can't put into words how excited I am about my teeth! I can't thank Dr. Coleman enough for his time and effort! He did an amazing job. Every time I walked into the office, he always had a smile on his face, and I knew that he was going to fix my smile. Now, everyone tells me how beautiful my teeth look. I also loved the amazing staff‐they were always so helpful and hard-working!

Victoria G.

I would like to thank Drs. Hull & Coleman and their staff for the wonderful orthodontic treatment my daughter received. We were referred to their office by friends, and the 18 months of treatment have been totally worth it‐now we see the beautiful end result of the doctors' work! The doctors were very thorough and explained each step to Victoria so that she knew just what to expect. Her teeth are absolutely beautiful now, and we have Drs. Hull & Coleman and their staff to thank for that!

Regina G.

My daughter and I decided that this practice was where we wanted to be, and we followed our doctor's treatment recommendations. The results were fantastic – looking back on where my daughter started and how everything turned out, I couldn't be happier! I would tell anyone considering orthodontic treatment to come to this office, even if you have to drive a little further to get to it. The results will be totally worth it.

Patty H.

My daughter's teeth look absolutely beautiful! I'm extremely pleased with the treatment results, and it was definitely worth the investment. I would highly recommend Drs. Hull & Coleman to anyone needing orthodontic work. Great atmosphere, nice people, and beautiful results! Thanks so much for the outstanding experience!

Kelly C.

I have had an outstanding experience at Hull & Coleman Orthodontics! I actually visited two other offices before coming to this practice. I chose to come here because my doctor explained everything about my teeth to me in great detail, and the office just had a great, positive energy. I can't believe what a difference my treatment made – not just with my lower crowding, but with my entire smile and face. It was totally worth the time and investment that I put into it.

Kim C.

I absolutely loved my experience at Drs. Hull & Coleman. My first appointment was so great that I never considered going to any other orthodontists for my treatment. In the end, my treatment was completed right on time and the results are excellent! I absolutely love my new smile, and I would highly recommend their office to anyone.

Anissa H.

What a great time our family has had coming to Drs. Hull & Coleman for our orthodontic treatment! My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her treatment, and her doctor really made it a fantastic experience. Her treatment results were beautiful and my daughter got her braces off right when the doctor estimated that she would. I would have no hesitation recommending this office to anyone looking for a great orthodontist!

Laurie D.

My family and I have really enjoyed Drs. Hull & Coleman. My sister referred us to their office, and I'm glad she did! We have never had any problems, and it has been smooth sailing now that my daughter is in treatment there. Consider no other—they are the best in Charlotte!

Karen C.

I want to take a moment to say thank you for all that you have done for me during my orthodontic treatment. Your warm hospitality, friendly personalities, and professionalism made the experience all the better. I'm truly appreciative that you've given me the movie star smile I've always dreamed about.

Roosevelt P.

Our doctor was very professional, knowledgeable, and calming, and all of the staff were very friendly. It was as if we had been there and known the doctor and staff forever. We just felt right at home. It's the best orthodontic care around!

Melissa C.

Our experience with Drs. Hull & Coleman has been excellent. I was so shocked when our doctor called to check on my daughter after getting her braces on – I have never had a doctor do that before. The office atmosphere makes it great for everyone, and our whole interaction there has been exceptional. I always recommend their office to other people.

Danielle A.

Our family's orthodontic experience has exceeded our expectations. Our doctor has shown great skill and has a nice demeanor, and the staff have been fantastic and punctual. The orthodontic results for our children are beautiful. I would definitely recommend this practice, and I can't imagine anyone being disappointed in coming here.

Ann K.

Our doctor was so nice and detail-oriented. I really enjoyed watching the movement of my son's teeth –I didn't think the outcome would be as great as it is! I'm so proud of his teeth now, and I brag to everyone about what a great job his doctor did and how great his teeth look. I have absolutely no regrets, and I already refer my friends and neighbors to this office.

Angel M.

I can't tell you how thrilled I am with the looks of my smile! I had hoped you could help my lower teeth, but I never dreamed how well everything else could look. You and your staff are really terrific. Thank you so much for the great care!

Claudette S.

I appreciate all the hard work and dedication given to me by you and your staff. All are top notch! All my questions and concerns were answered with honesty and care. Thanks for my new smile. You guys are the best!

Chip B.

Wow! I can't put into words how excited I am about my teeth, and I can't thank my doctor enough for his time and effort. He did an amazing job, and every time I walked into the office he always had a smile on his face. Now everyone tells me how beautiful my teeth look. I also loved the amazing staff because they were always so helpful and hard-working. Thanks again!

Victoria G.